Well, with the sequel to the popular, yet highly overhyped, Twilight is looming closer and closer. We have known about the Twilight 2 casting news featuring Dakota Fanning.  But the question has been since all the clips and trailers have come out is wher is she? Well, there is finally some photographic evidence of her in it.  The photo comes from “Twilight-Blog”. Overall, I don’t who she is playing or what on earth she is doing in this photo, I have never read the books. But, I like Dakota Fanning as an actress and actually think that she’ll be the hight point of the vampire love saga. You can check out the photo below.




               Well, a lot of movies are getting people excited this summer, but out of all of them I would say the one that is getting peoples geekisms to splatter all over the floors of the movie theatres. That movie would be “Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen”. Well, good news, if you are too excited to wait and want to ensure that you get your seat on June 24th at the 12:01 showing then GOOD NEWS! tickets are now available online via Fandango. I will most likley be getting my tickets soon. Despite my complaints about the first film i’m pretty excited for this one. There are not a lot of big action packed adventure popcorn epics this summer and this one looks like it could be better than the first. They just need to take story away from the humans and focus on the friggin robots.